Advisory Board

Organization Value

The value of an organization is based on the combined experiences, knowledge, and talent that the company can draw upon in providing solutions for its clients. The community banking sector is best served not by providing off-the-shelf packages or services, but through in depth real-time discovery and solutions to ascertain specific needs and offer clear business solutions for meeting today’s banking challenges.

Best Solutions Achieved

It is through this process that the best solutions to achieve the desired outcome of the success of the bank and increasing of shareholder value can be attained. CAMELS Consulting Group, LLC is pleased to have an Advisory Board comprised of very talented and knowledgeable professionals who have navigated the community bank landscape offering continual assessment of the business practices within the industry that produce desired results.

Diverse Experience

This board offers diversity in experiences that draw from a wide spectrum of geography, regulatory oversight, professional and organizational disciplines, knowledge in corporate governance, extensive banking sector background, and key financial disciplines needed for the advancement of increasing shareholder value.

Engagements undertaken by CAMELS will be accomplished within the framework of optimizing shareholder return and exceptional financial sector knowledge.

Advisory Board Members

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