Identifying New Investors or existing shareholders who want to purchase more stock is key to remaining an independent bank.

How do I start the Identification Process?

  • CSL guides you through the process of identifying and capturing new investors many of which will come directly from your customer base.  That’s why our tag line states “Identifying Investors, One Name at a Time”
  • Review your existing customer list.  Who would be a good shareholder for your bank?
  • Prospective shareholders would be local owners of businesses, high net worth individuals, community leaders, professionals (doctors, CPAs, attorneys)

What are my next steps?

(You are an important contributor in keeping your bank Independent)

  • Make sure you have the identified contacts phone number (best contact number)
  • Business Name and address
  • Anticipate investors capacity to purchase stock (how many shares)
  • Anecdotal information on investor is always helpful for the staff member in the bank who will be directly contacting the investor
  • Now with this information available you can open in the ACTIONS menu  “Create Investor Contact” …. Save …. Then open “Add Investor/Shareholder”