Where do Investor Contacts Appear in CSL after saving the Data Card?  Where do Investor/Shareholder Appear in CSL after being assigned as a Buy/Sell?

Managing Investor/Shareholder:

  • After Entering the Investor/Shareholder and then defining as a Buy/Sell?:
    • Where does the Investor/Shareholder appear in CSL?
    • The Investor/Shareholder can always be found alphabetically in the RECORDS … Shareholders”
    • When assigned as particular ‘Buy or Sell’ sourcing of the Investor/Shareholder is expanded.
  • After Entering the Investor Contact and then defining as an investor or existing Shareholder:
    • The Investor Contact would appear in Views; Actions; Reports; and Records
    • If the Investor Contact was assigned to someone in the bank to follow … the Investor Contact would appear in their own VIEWS …. “Leads Assigned”
    • Only Leads that have been Assigned to you … appear in Leads Assigned (based on your personal sign-on to CSL)
    • If the Investor Contact was your own Referral it would appear in VIEWS …  “Referrals Submitted” with the recipient seeing the Investor Contact placed in their VIEWS/Leads Assigned
    • If on first entering an Investor Contact to as a potential Shareholder … on saving, CSL’s workflow would automatically notify specific staff member if the ‘Lead Assigned To’ is different than ‘Referred By’.