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Increase Your Bank’s Shareholder Value

CAMELS provides strategic direction for privately-held banks in remaining independent by providing shareholders’ liquidity in their investment.  With decades of executive-level community banking experience working with boards and management our focus is on increasing shareholder value for our clients. CAMELS offers specific solutions advancing local investor interest in your privately-held bank without going public. Let CAMELS show you the correlation between increasing shareholder value and increased organic growth of your bank.

‘Your Shareholders Deserve It’

CAMELS’ Shareholder Solutions

Shareholder Succession
  • Programming to Engage New Customer/Investor Interest
  • Elevate Shareholder Communications
  • Monitor Aging Shareholder Base
  • Shareholder Succession a Board Agenda
  • Dedicated Investor Relations Officer
  • Allocate Investment ($) in Shareholder Programs
Shareholder Expectations
  • Continuous Stock Growth in Fair Market Value
  • Quarterly Stock Valuation Reports
  • Development of L/T Dividend Strategies
  • Stock/Cash Dividend Programs
  • Increase Stock Liquidity
Stock Liquidity
  • CAMELS Stock Navigation Program
  • CAMELS Financial Optics Quarterly Report
  • CAMELS Investor Focus for Identification of New Investors
  • Stock Ownership Programs-Dividend Reinvestment Plans/IRA Self-Directed Accounts
  • Incorporate a Revitalized Trading Desk (Buy/Sell)
  • Communicate with Large Block Holdings
Increase Profitability
  • Focus on Long-Term Shareholder Return
  • Resource Shareholder Spend Supporting Organic Growth
  • Evaluate Impact of Shareholder Succession to Balance Sheet Growth
  • Engage Senior Staff into Identifying New Investors
  • Turn Borrowers into Owners

Trust is Our Greatest Asset


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Stock Valuations

The CAMELS Toolbox of Solutions

Stock Navigation

A Stock Navigation Program (SNP) addresses the ‘how to’ in accomplishing one of the bank’s key objectives of driving growth through an energized shareholder base. Learn more.  



Stock Valuations

CAMELS’ stock valuation reports provide comprehensive performance review information, pricing benchmarks, peer group analysis, and valuation conclusions to continually assess an institution’s value in the rapidly changing marketplace. Learn more.


CAMELS Financial Optics

Provide high-quality analysis of your privately-held bank’s financial performance and shareholder investment growth cost-effectively and without added labor using CAMELS Financial Optics. Learn more.


CAMELS Investor Focus

CAMELS Investor Focus is a web-based, two-way portal for your trading desk designed to increase shareholder liquidity.  Discover your bank’s direct link to securing shareholder succession with help from CAMELS. Learn More. 



A Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP) program allows shareholders to reinvest cash dividends in additional shares in the bank. Shares are often purchased directly without transactional fees, further increasing ownership. Learn more.

Board Level Programs

CAMELS’ Board Level Programs feature a unique strategic planning process. With guidance from CAMELS, board and executive management can objectively identify and address strengths and weaknesses. Learn more.

Self-Directed IRA Program

A simple, comprehensive subscription-based solution for privately-held community banks to quickly and cohesively implement their own bank stock self-directed IRA program, addressing stock liquidity concerns and aging shareholders. Learn more.