Board Level Programs

Taking Your Bank to the Next Level

To take your financial institution to the next level of operating performance and increased shareholder return, boards and management need to focus on implementing a strategic planning process.
In today’s financial services climate, knowing where your institution is going and having a clear road map on how to get there is critical to the forward success of your bank.


  • What will your bank look like in the future?
  • How do you better identify and properly implement the strategic initiatives needed to move your bank forward?
  • Where will your next shareholder come from?

Strategic Workshop/Retreats with a Shareholder Focus

Our unique strategic planning process starts with strategic workshop/retreats for both board and executive management. This process allows the management of the bank to step back and objectively identify strengths and weaknesses as well as capabilities within the environment in which your bank operates.

Fully Documented

  • Strategic outcomes are fully documented and properly staged to meet regulatory guidelines.
  • Strategic implementation is prepared offering management a time table and assessment periods to properly evaluate and determine plan successes.
  • Shareholder succession is key to capital growth.

The Planning Process

Once the strategic direction is determined for your bank, the planning process focuses on meeting the capital requirements key for successful implementation resulting in increased shareholder value. Strategic planning ensures the shareholder is the key focal point providing alignment to the community that the bank serves.

“CAMELS provided governance, structure, and transformation guidance in the formation of a one bank holding company.”

Jim North

President & CEO, Mackinac National Bancorp

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