CAMELS Stock Transfer Desk

Designed for Privately Held Banks

CAMELS has designed a transfer desk that is compliant to State and Security Exchange Commission (SEC) securities statutes allowing a privately held financial institution the ability to facilitate the buying and selling of common stock. The institution can now take sellers of large blocks and spread purchases to multiple buyers (existing shareholder and prospective investors).

Identifying Both Buyers and Sellers

No longer are privately held institutions limited to just 500 shareholders, which not only negatively impacted liquidity but hampered an institutions ability to continually connect to their community.

CAMELS Transfer Desk focuses on multiple levels of touch points to capture and ensure that new investors are continually identified. Not only can a list be maintained on both sides but through this special structure, the Transfer Desk can directly facilitate transactions. Your designated transfer desk staff in conjunction with CAMELS training interacts with buyer and seller providing current FMV and documents as well as transacts the exchange. The transaction occurs independent of the buyer and seller.

Benefits of CAMELS Stock Transfer Desk

CAMELS provides all necessary structural, operational process guidelines, accounting software, and marketing/ training support. The financial institution can finally regain control, bringing back ownership opportunity to the bank markets, opportunity to reinvent their shareholder base, and providing shareholders and investor an efficient trading environment.

The Transfer Desk can now manage the entire buy/sell process ensuring both sides of the transactions are aware of the current FMV performed by an independent third party appraisal of the common stock. CAMELS ShareholderLink, CAMELS Stock Valuation Reports, and StockTrack products are an integral component of a successful stock transfer desk.

Results of CAMELS Transfer Desk

Boards are pleased that the result of implementing a CAMELS Transfer Desk structure is higher multiples (price to book) and increasing FMV. Additional benefits include organic growth brought forward by new shareholders, resultant profitability, and increased market attachment.

CAMELS provided a fully compliant Stock Transfer Desk and Self-directed IRA program providing shareholders an elevated Buy/Sell platform and the ability to utilize long-term investment dollars for increasing their ownership position in our company.

Cortney Collision

President & CEO, Union Financial Corporation/Union Bank

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