Stock Navigation Program

Positively Impact Your Shareholder Value

Many community banks focus entirely on the development of a strategic business plan that does not include specific activities to cultivate the single most important customer of the bank – the shareholder. A Stock Navigation Program (SNP) addresses the ‘how to’ in accomplishing one of the bank’s key objectives of driving growth through an energized shareholder base.


A Stock Navigation Program (SNP) directs all corporate messages through a well-orchestrated Investor Relations Program.  We focus on the non-shareholder as well as existing shareholder continually reinventing the shareholder base.  Our efforts include enhancements at all communication levels:

  •    Shareholder meetings
  •    Investor tabs on website
  •    Special prospective shareholder brochure
  •    Direct investor communications

The Most Important Issue

The single most important issue facing boards and management in today’s banking environment is meeting shareholder expectations of increasing shareholder value by providing liquidity and incorporating cash and stock dividend strategies and ensuring the readiness of the bank to raise capital.

Stock Navigation addresses the continual challenges of increasing capital requirement levels, ensuring that stock value equates to ‘currency’ to drive expansion opportunities. A Stock Valuation Report on your bank is prepared for each Stock Navigation Program and is updated quarterly to monitor performance.

A Sustainable Solution


The Stock Navigation Program, exclusively offered by the CAMELS Consulting Group, is a proprietary program designed to provide a sustainable solution to enhance shareholder value consistently over the life of the stock investment. This program has been developed and refined over the years through working directly with holding companies/community banks as they navigate through inherent growth cycles encompassing development of dividend strategies; mergers & acquisitions; secondary offerings; large block transactions; corporate borrowings; and reinventing the shareholder base.

Strategic activities of the bank must align to the needs of the shareholder to create true growth in shareholder wealth and capital expansion capability.

The Stock Navigation Program is considerably more than an investor relations endeavor that focuses on managing press releases and filings.

Why Implement CAMELS Stock Navigation Program?

Independent banks that have not adequately planned for an ‘exit strategy’ for shareholders; or the Board has not managed for long term and consistent shareholder return, stock liquidity, or a platform for trading of the stock is non-existent may lead to a forced sale of the institution.

Shareholder cultivation must occur on Main Street and should not be relegated to Wall Street, resulting in a higher cost of capital and providing unknown shareholders that offer very limited organic growth opportunity. A Stock Navigation Program allows the bank to take advantage of dislocated market opportunities and is not hampered due to capital constraints.

We Are Prepared

CAMELS Consulting Group is prepared to show your Board how a Stock Navigation Program will position your institution for handling the challenges of today’s banking environment. A Stock Navigation Program provides the solutions of increased capital pressures, positioning for growth opportunities, and ensuring that a satisfied shareholder is making the journey with you.

CAMELS Stock Navigation Program providing quarterly price updates of our common stock has elevated shareholder and new investor interest driving greater liquidity in our stock.

Mickey Schwarzbek

President & CEO, Sherwood Banc Corp/The Sherwood State Bank

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