Your Toolbox of Solutions

As a community banker, you know there are many challenges to maintaining long-term shareholder investment interest. CAMELS Consulting Group has a ‘toolbox’ of solutions focused on increasing shareholder value driving greater organic growth and profitability for your bank.

CAMELS Consulting Group works with Directors, Chief Executive Officers, and regulatory agencies, taking an active consultative management role that swiftly produces desirable results. Our advisory services center on the fundamental building block of ‘increasing shareholder value.’

Stock Valuation Program - Benchmarking Today’s Value for Tomorrow's Growth

CAMELS Stock Valuation Program provides quarterly valuations supported by annual benchmarking updates specifically designed for publicly and privately held community banks. Learn more.

CAMELS Financial Optics - Performance Insights on Privately-Held Institutions

CAMELS Financial Optics provides privately-held banks valuable performance insights on their institution for both shareholders and prospective investors.  Learn more.

CAMELS Investor Focus- Creating Liquidity for Shareholders

CAMELS Investor Focus provides a direct portal to your trading desk, increasing shareholder liquidity through identification of new investors. This web-based application links seamlessly to your bank’s website.  Learn more.

CAMELS Stock Navigation Program
A Stock Navigation Program (SNP) addresses the ‘how to’ in accomplishing one of the bank’s key objectives of driving growth through an energized shareholder base. Learn more.
CAMELS Stock Transfer Desk - Specifically Designed for Privately-held Banks

CAMELS Stock Transfer Desk addresses structural, accounting, operational, compliance, and marketing, while creating a greater level of liquidity for shareholders and the communication of fair market value (FMV). Learn more.

Self-Directed IRA Resource Center Subscription

CAMELS Self-Directed IRA Dashboard offers comprehensive tools for increasing common stock liquidity, encouraging consistent stock purchases, handling large block sales without needing to rely on stock buy-back programs, and gaining immediate access to funds already set aside for long-term investment supporting future capital offerings. Learn more.

Dividend Re-investment Plans (DRIPs)

CAMELS DRIP program is specifically tailored for the privately-held community bank to offer existing shareholders the opportunity to increase their ownership in your bank. DRIPs are an important element to increasing shareholder value. Learn more.

Financial Advisory Services

CAMELS’ deep experience and expertise can assist your bank in improving operational efficiency, profitability and shareholder value through side-by-side analysis and individual branch analysis; formation of new banks, holding companies, trusts, and other strategic business units; dividend and takeover strategies; takeover defense strategies; peer group analysis and performance perspectives; development of financial reports; special assignments; and expansion consultations; and reviews of corporate structure.  Learn more.

Corporate Governance
CAMELS can provide guidance in the effective management of an institution’s growth and ability to meet the challenges of a changing business, regulatory, and economic landscape requires constant attention to updating corporate governance. Learn more.
Board Level Programs
Take your financial institution to the next level of operating performance and increased shareholder return with help from CAMELS.  Our board and management programs focus on implementing an effective and efficient strategic planning process.  Learn more.