Financial Advisory Services

Our goal in providing financial advisory services is to focus on availability of capital and strategic support necessary for the continued growth of your bank. We begin with a process of assessment and intent using a multifaceted approach pivoting around your bank’s level of ‘organizational readiness.’ We work with your management team to create a desired strategic path that leads to successful outcomes of ‘increasing shareholder value’ through structuring accretive transactions.

Main Street, Not Wall Street

Our work is accomplished on Main Street, not Wall Street. Our proprietary Stock Navigation Program (an important Investment Banking tool) offers a winning formula for attracting new capital and meeting shareholder expectations.

Most recently CAMELS Consulting Group managed four private offerings, formation of two bank holding companies, an investment center, and the conversion of $1 million in subordinated notes to common stock.

A cornerstone of our advisory services is that we work alongside of your team in developing growth strategies that build long-term value. We invite you to consult with us in planning expansion while maintaining your bank, as a well-capitalized institution.  We work alongside your legal, accounting and management teams.

Achieving Accretive Transactions

Achieving accretive transactions under our guidance is based on years of experience in target identification, analysis, negotiation, capital planning and a deep understanding of shareholder investment expectations.

We work with you to provide both pre and post transaction strategies where shareholders benefit from well planned expansion objectives. Our value proposition in providing financial advisory services begins with increasing shareholder value thereby attracting growth opportunities and building transactional capital.

Transaction Experience

The principal of CAMELS Consulting Group has completed $1.8 billion Advisory Services Transactions over the course of his community banking career, comprised of bank M & A; branch sales/expansion, loan portfolio sales, de novo bank formations, and organic growth initiatives.

Capabilities include target identification and analysis, negotiation, regulatory submissions (federal/state), and securing necessary funding through organizational loans, debt, or private/public offerings.

CAMELS provided a fully compliant Stock Transfer Desk and Self-directed IRA Program providing shareholders an elevated Buy/Sell platform and the ability to utilize long-term investment dollars for increasing their ownership position in our company.

Cortney Collision

President & CEO, Union Financial Corporatio/ Union Bank

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