CAMELS Investor Focus

As part of CAMELS’ Stock Navigation Program, CAMELS Investor Focus provides a direct portal to your trading desk, increasing shareholder liquidity through identification of new investors. CAMELS Investor Focus is a web-based application linked to your bank’s website. Now directors, management, and staff can identify prospective shareholders. Investors can also identify themselves.

CAMELS Investor Focus Benefits include:
Custom Data Collection Form
Email Alerts Provided IR
Weekly/Monthly Recap Report
Easily integrates into your bank’s website
Investor Relations Communications program
FMV/Liquidity Improvement
Identification of new investors/supports shareholder succession

This investor relations tool is a simple, easy-to-use application designed for addressing stock liquidity. It can be an integral component of your shareholders outreach program. CAMELS Investor Focus is a web-based solution that is secure, proprietary and requires no special ID or Password.We work with you creating a special page for your IR website. CAMELS creates this page with your bank’s description, logo placement, and key investor questions. We provide code for you to embed so the page is linked directly to your website.

CAMELS Investor Focus provided the needed structure for continuous outreach for new investors. This program provided the answer for shareholder succession. 

Mike Hoskins

President & CEO, Texas Advantage Community Bank

More info can be found on the product library page here.