CAMELS Self-Directed IRA Program

Invite Your Shareholders to build their retirement by Matching L/T Investments of IRAs to include Community Bank Stock

The long-term investment dollars associated with Individual Retirement Accounts (“IRA”), can now be positioned for the purchasing of community bank/bank holding company stock. CAMELS Self-Directed IRA program offers stock liquidity, ability to address large block sales, and provides a funding source in support of capital offerings.

Now a privately held community bank can secure L/T investment dollars for stock purchases through continual IRA contributions and IRA account transfers or re-classification of existing IRAs. New investors and existing shareholders can now place their long-term retirement investment dollars in community bank stock both recognized by investment advisors, as a long-term ‘hold’ investment.

CAMELS Self-Directed IRA Resource Center/ Designed and Structured for Immediate Implementation

CAMELS’ Self-Directed IRA Resource Center offers a simple yet comprehensive subscription-based solution that allows privately-held community banks to quickly and cohesively implement their own bank stock self-directed IRA program, addressing stock liquidity concerns and aging shareholders.

CAMELS’ Self-Directed IRA Resource Center provides:

  • All of the compliance, operations and marketing tools your bank needs to get your Self-Directed IRA program up and running immediately.
  • Training methodolgy to get new staff up to speed quickly and easily.
  • Membership in CAMELS self-directed IRA online community to ask/answer questions and share resources and insights with other banks and industry experts.
  • Benefits for bank shareholders, banks and/or bank holding companies from investment advantages typically only offered by brokerage firms for publicly-traded stock.

CAMELS Self-Directed Resource Center subscription includes unlimited users and many benefits.

CAMELS Self-Directed IRA Resource Center provides a simple, proven solution for community banks/bank holding companies to leverage the benefits of a bank stock invested self- directed IRA program. It’s a complete toolbox that guides your bank from set-up through implementation and beyond, utilizing the existing bank system (when feasible) for building out a complete operational platform and providing comprehensive guidance on:

  • Opening accounts and ongoing contributions
  • Handling of cash dividends
  • IRS reporting
  • Distribution of funds
  • Utilization of existing documentation and accounting providers including Wolters Kluwer, Deposit Pro, Ascensus and StockTrack
  • Providing fair market value (FMV) pricing for stock purchases and annual stock valuations
  • Identification of specialized shareholder accounting system for handling of Self-Directed IRA accounts
  • Creation of marketing programs utilizing CAMELS library of brochures, sales letters, and other resources
  • Account mining of IRA opportunities within your bank and through external transfers

CAMELS Self-Directed IRA Resource Center has helped our bank realize significant shareholder and investor benefits by matching long-term investment dollars associated with Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and targeting those dollars for the purchase of community bank holding company/bank stock.

Sheila Phillips

Executive Vice President, Texas Advantage Community Bank

More info can be found on the product library page here.