CAMELS BusinessLink

Expanding Relationships for Greater Profitability

CAMELS BusinessLink is a cloud based application that channels your individual sales efforts into productive results for your bank. This is where Directors, Management, Officers, and Staff can all contribute in the bank’s growth and profitability.

Create a Market Advantage for Your Bank

CAMELS BusinessLink is the ideal business development program to energize your bank’s organic growth initiatives with the ability to continually identify prospective customers and fully manage existing relationships. CAMELS BusinessLink aligns your bank with your community giving your team a web-based platform from which to conveniently retain contact information ready for either immediate referral to the bank’s loan officer or to set-up follow-up meetings and communications.

Bank staff will immediately see the value and be able to learn how to effectively use the system with just a short orientation session. The program is an intuitive and simple yet powerful tool for capturing customer opportunities.

CAMELS BusinessLink offers a unique combination of discovery, intent, and processes for answering one key question … Where will I find my next customer?

  • Provides immediate focus to bank wide sales efforts
  • Supports a culture of self-management
  • Continuous sales pipeline development and advancement
  • Track sale by product, officer, location, or event
  • Builds stronger relationships by tracking customer needs
  • Automatically identifies next steps, and more

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