CAMELS CommunityLink

Identifying Opportunities, One Name at a Time

CAMELS CommunityLink — the first shareholder and customer development tool that increases the liquidity of your stock, reinvents your shareholder base, supports capital offerings, drives greater organic growth and provides a direct communication link with your market maker.

CAMELS CommunityLink is drawn from 35 years of community bank, investment banking and brokerage management experience.

This proprietary internet based solution drives the identification of new shareholders, customers and community gatekeepers. Encrypted and SAS 70 certified.

CAMELS CommunityLink:

  • Provides the tools to assist staff in continually connecting within your defined market. Publicly traded banks find that they can reinstitute the culture of local ownership.
  • Is a customer development/identification process that offers users and management a real-time tracking and reporting capability 24/7 without the need for special software, extensive learning curve, or wasted time preparing reports.
  • Offers a low cost, effective, and easy to learn solution for all your bank internal contributors. Now directors, officers, staff, and advisory boards can individually participate in “identifying opportunities, one name at a time.”
  • Attains greater bottom-line performance is now in the hands of everyone

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