Columbus, Ohio, October 21, 2015—CAMELS Consulting Group (CAMELS), an Ohio-based community bank financial advisory firm is providing organizational and advisory support to First National Bank of St. Ignace located in St, Ignace, Michigan for the formation of a bank holding company. The bank was founded in 1888 and has $266 million in assets.

CAMELS’ President & CEO, Edward E. Schmidt, stated that the firm will provide First National Bank of St. Ignace guidance to secure shareholder and application approval, capital structuring, and organizational and governance guidance.

“CAMELS assistance in the formation of the bank holding company will provide First National Bank of St. Ignace with an important new operating structure to meet the business challenges facing all financial institutions in today’s economic climate,” noted Schmidt. “Creating a bank holding company will help the bank maintain its competitiveness of the bank within their service community.”

The formation of bank holding companies by financial institutions is key to increasing the liquidity of investments for existing shareholders in addition to facilitating the expansion of stock ownership within the bank’s service community. CAMELS guidance related to holding company formation focuses on increasing shareholder value, providing growth opportunities, and building transactional capital.

Schmidt brings over 35 years of executive community bank experience to CAMELS’ engagement with First National Bank of St. Ignace and community banks across the United States.

CAMELS’ financial advisory services support community banks seeking to increase shareholder return through stock valuation services, capital offerings, retirement of debt, capital planning, shareholder specific products, and corporate governance updates. More information about CAMELS’ financial advisory services and community bank engagements can be found at


About CAMELS Consulting Group

CAMELS Consulting Group was formed by Edward E. Schmidt, President & CEO, to support expansion of shareholder wealth, capital placement, and address stock liquidity and the need for shareholder succession that is impacting the community bank sector. For more information about CAMELS Consulting Group visit