Columbus, Ohio, January 8, 2016—CAMELS Consulting Group (CAMELS), an Ohio-based community bank financial advisory firm announced today that the firm’s principal has reached the milestone of preparing 1,000 stock valuation reports for privately and publicly owned banks. CAMELS’ stock valuation reports feature extensive analysis, pricing benchmarks, peer group analysis, and valuation conclusions. Reports offer in-depth analysis with commentary and footnotes to help provide easy-to-understand insights for bank board members.

CAMELS’ highly experienced bank appraiser follows industry guidelines focusing on capital, earnings, market value, transactional values, and related appraisal standards. CAMELS’ core discipline is in valuing privately held community bank stock.

Edward Schmidt, President and CEO, stated, “CAMELS valuation methodology encompasses a fundamental process of analytical review coupled with a direct market perspective.” He further commented that, “Key to CAMELS’ valuation approach is the realization that privately-held institutions need to be evaluated based on utilizing both quantitative and qualitative factors in the determination of fair market value.”

CAMELS’ strategy of quarterly valuation assessments is essential for privately-held community banks. Prepared reports encompasses fairness opinions, Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs), stock dividends, gifting, option grants, and large block pricing. CAMELS supports quarterly valuation program for (DRIP) plans, self-directed IRAs, cash/stock dividends driving greater shareholder interest through continual understanding of investment value.


About CAMELS Consulting Group

CAMELS Consulting Group was formed by Edward E. Schmidt, President and CEO, to support expansion of shareholder wealth, capital placement, and address stock liquidity and the need for shareholder succession that is impacting the community bank sector. For more information about CAMELS Consulting Group visit