Columbus, Ohio, January 14, 2016—CAMELS Consulting Group (CAMELS), an Ohio-based community bank financial advisory firm announced today has just released the latest version (V1.2) of CAMELS ShareholderLink.

CAMELS ShareholderLink builds stronger bank relationships by offering the institution’s customers an ownership opportunity while also providing community banks with the ability to continually identify new shareholders from existing customer relationships and local investors.

CAMELS ShareholderLink is the first shareholder and investor identification tool that:

  • Increases the liquidity of a bank’s stock;
  • Reinvents its shareholder base;
  • Supports capital offerings;
  • Drives greater organic growth;
  • Provides an internal trade desk and
  • Establishes a direct communication link for increased investor relations.

CAMELS ShareholderLink’s stock transfer desk utilizes its Stock Valuation Program providing quarterly updates on bank stock’s fair market value, a key driver needed to securing local investor interest.

Edward Schmidt, President and CEO of CAMELS, stated, “CAMELS ShareholderLink offers a unique combination of discovery, intent and processes for answering one key question: Where will I find my next shareholder?” He further commented, “CAMELS ShareholderLink provides a trading desk structure which allows for the matching of both buyer and seller, and fully manages listings of prospective investors.”

More information about CAMELS ShareholderLink can be found at


About CAMELS Consulting Group

CAMELS Consulting Group was formed by Edward E. Schmidt, President and CEO, to support expansion of shareholder wealth, capital placement, and address stock liquidity and the need for shareholder succession that is impacting the community bank sector. For more information about CAMELS Consulting Group visit