Columbus, Ohio, October 14, 2015—CAMELS Consulting Group (CAMELS), an Ohio-based community bank financial advisory firm is pleased to announce that it has been selected to provide financial advisory services by Sherwood Bancshares Inc., to facilitate a campaign to raise $1.5 million in new capital.

CAMELS’ President & CEO, Edward E. Schmidt, will serve as Sherwood Bancshares’ Financial Advisor providing expertise in the areas of capital planning, offering structures and stock valuation services.

“CAMELS is pleased to work with Sherwood Bancshares and other community banks to provide pre and post transaction strategies that support well-planned expansion objectives and benefit shareholders,” said Schmidt. “Our value proposition in providing financial advisory services begins with increasing shareholder value through its stock navigation program, thereby attracting growth opportunities and building transactional capital.”

Schmidt brings over 35 years of executive community bank experience to CAMELS’ engagement with Sherwood Bancshares and community banks across the United States.

CAMELS’ financial advisory services support community banks seeking to increase shareholder return through stock valuation services, capital offerings, retirement of debt, capital planning, shareholder specific products, and changes in corporate governance. More information about CAMELS’ financial advisory services and community bank engagements can be found at


About CAMELS Consulting Group

CAMELS Consulting Group was formed by Edward E. Schmidt, President & CEO, to support expansion of shareholder wealth, capital placement, and address stock liquidity and the need for shareholder succession that is impacting the community bank sector. For more information about CAMELS Consulting Group visit