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Welcome to CAMELS Self-Dire​cted IRA Resource Center! 

In working with our clients over the course of the past several years we have found that there is never an end to questions or different customer situations where additional resources would prove to be extremely beneficial. It is for this reason that we have put together this Self-Directed IRA Resource Center. This site is for the exclusive use by institutions seeking to implement or manage an existing CAMELS Self-Directed IRA program to support ownership and liquidity in their common stock.

​This site provides the ‘how to’ in the design, implementation, and marketing of a Self-Directed IRA for the sole purpose of providing a product for the shareholder or prospective investor to expand their ownership position in your bank. The Resource Center also provides ongoing compliance, operational and product updates.


The Complete How-To Solution for Your Bank’s Self-Directed IRA Program​​ 

​​​​Community banks can realize significant benefits by matching long-term investment dollars associated with Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and targeting those dollars for the purchase of community bank holding company/bank common stock.  This site provides the necessary guidance in the implementation, operations/ compliance, on-going marketing insights, and offers direct lines of communication with other financial institutions operating a Self-Directed IRA program.   Benefits include stock liquidity support through consistent stock purchases, ability to handle large block sales without needing to rely on a stock  buy-back program, and ability to support secondary offerings.​​​

Compliance Library

The Compliance library offers specific forms and information regarding new regulations and/or governance issues impacting a Self-Directed IRA program as well as compliance documents.​

Marketing Library

The Marketing library offers the ability to capture examples of product specific brochures, sales materials and documents for marketing and sales support of a Self-Directed IRA program. 

Operations Library

The Operations library offers the ability to capture actual forms or information regarding specific procedures in setting up a Self-Directed IRA program. The Library also has Operations documents.​​​

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Camels Consulting Groups’ Terms of Use Agreement describes your privacy rights regarding how we collect and use Information given by the user, within the CAMELS SDIRA Resource Center.

Self-Directed IRA Site FAQs

What is the purpose of the Self-Directed IRA Resource Center?

The Resource Center has been set up to provide a  ‘How-To’ for those institutions that look to incorporated a Self-Directed IRA program, as part of their product offerings  Specifically, the Resource Center provides ‘step by step’ instructions that will allow ‘User Institutions’ the ability to construct their own SDIRA program.  Elements include marketing, compliance, and important operational aspects in managing a Self-directed IRA product.

Can anyone sign up to access the Self-Directed IRA site?

Currently, only employees of those financial institutions that are utilizing services of CAMELS Consulting Group can have access to the Self-Directed blog site.

How does an employee of a client bank of CAMELS gain access to the Self-Directed IRA Resource Center site?

Typically, the request for employee access will come from the institution itself or by contact from CAMELS.  Access can be directly requested by emailing eschmidt@camelsgroup.com or calling 614-746-4634. An institution is not limited on the number of employee’s that can have access to the site.

Is there training provided on how to use the site?

The Self-Directed IRA Resource Center has been set up for ease of use by designated staff responsible for Operations, Compliance, and ultimately marketing of the SDIRA program..  The site is very simple to use but offers many special features.  Everyone first using the site are encouraged to call CAMELS if special assistance is needed at 614.746.4634.

Do financial institution customers have access to the Self-Directed IRA blog site?

This site has been specifically established as a resource for financial institutions only. This is not a retail site.

Why is the site partitioned into various areas, such as, Compliance, Marketing, Operations, and Reports, etc.?

In designing the site CAMELS identified specific areas within a bank that would have responsibilities to implement a new product and therefore focused on the three specific areas. The SDIRA site offers special forms for assisting in product implementation.  Forms are provided for Compliance, Operations, and Marketing.  Forms have been provided in MSWord allowing for specific changes according to each institutions requirements.



Our bank prepared special forms for our Self-directed IRA program and I would like to share them … is it possible to provide those forms in the site?

This Resource Center has a LIBRARY section where you can attach electronically forms, pictures or any items determined to be helpful in managing a Self-Directed IRA program.  When posting an item please remember to provide an appropriate description.

What does the REPORT area provide?

Reports can provide the history for an example of a particular posting and respective generated responses.  Reports can be printed out utilizing the Excel link.

Just as a clarification … the Self-Directed IRA is only available for our company's stock, right?

The Self-Directed IRA program in your bank is only for the common stock of your Bank Holding Company or Bank. The bank program is not structured for handling the stock of other companies.

I see that the site provides an ARCHIVE capability …. How does it work?

The Resource Center posting site automatically through a pre-set date recognition places the all comments first by category and then by date in the Archive area. Archive captures prior year postings.

Is it possible to be able to directly call a User for a specific question or need?

The blog site has a special User/Group area which you can readily access individual User email addresses and phone numbers for direct contact purposes.

Special User group meetings were mentioned … how often will they be held and under what format?

User group meetings are being initially scheduled on a quarterly basis utilizing a computer based ‘Go-to-Meeting’ format.

Are Self-Directed IRAs for everyone?

Self-Directed IRAs are not for everyone.  They are for people who want true diversity in their portfolio, who want to be in control of their financial future and they are for those who want to use their long-term investment dollars to invest in their local community bank.

Customer has reached the age of mandatory distribution. Is distribution in cash or stock?

Distribution from a Self-Directed IRA is provided in shares only of company stock with the number of shares provided that matches the amount of the requested cash distribution.  You would use the stated fair market value of the stock per share, at the time of distribution.  If, a customer has a cash amount in the savings account side of the Self-Directed IRA that can be also utilized in conjunction with the overall distribution.  (To receive the distribution in cash, the account holder must first receive stock and then request the stock to be sold through the bank’s Investor Relations area.)

Is it possible to be able to directly call CAMELS for a specific question or need?

CAMELS is available by phone (614-746-4634) or email eschmidt@camelsgroup.com.

Can special client meetings either individual or group be scheduled for program implementation questions?

CAMELS can schedule meetings utilizing Zoom Conference call. Please email eschmidt@camelsgroup.com for details.