CAMELS Shareholder Link

Identifying Opportunities, One Name at a Time

CAMELS ShareholderLink — the first shareholder and customer development tool that increases the liquidity of your stock, reinvents your shareholder base, supports capital offerings, drives greater organic growth and provides a direct communication link with your market maker.

CAMELS ShareholderLink is a proprietary solution designed for privately held and publicly traded banks, drawing on CAMELS 35 years of community bank, investment banking and brokerage management investment experience providing a seamless solution to assist privately-held or publicly-traded banks in attracting new investors, supporting shareholder liquidity, and making owners out of customers. CAMELS ShareholderLink offers a unique combination of discovery, intent, and processes for answering one key question … Where will I find my next shareholder?

Why CAMELS ShareholderLink?

CAMELS ShareholderLink is the first shareholder and investor identification and tool, that:

  • Increases the liquidity of your stock
  • Re-invents your shareholder base
  • Supports capital offerings
  • Drives greater organic growth
  • Provides an internal trade desk, and
  • Establishes a direct communication link for increased investor relations

An Intuitive, Easy to Use, Effective Solution

Bank staff will immediately see the value and be able to learn how to effectively use CAMELS ShareholderLink with just a short orientation session. The program is easy to use, offers intuitive processes based on a point and click method, and is a simple but powerful tool for capturing customer opportunities.

CAMELS ShareholderLink is the ideal business development program to energize your bank’s organic growth initiatives. It is structured to provide community banks the ability to continually identify new shareholders, prospective customers and community gatekeepers.

CAMELS ShareholderLink Empowers Your Bank

  • Take charge of your shareholder base; be prepared for large block transactions; and maintain contact with the most valuable shareholder … those who want to expand their investment in your bank.
  • Attract Main Street investors—Wall Street investors do not focus on organic growth or directly add to the bank’s profitability.
  • Reduce missed buy/sell opportunities by matching prospective investors with existing shareholders.
  • Be prepared for shareholder post sell-offs due to splits, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Benefit from a self-monitoring, results-driven program that is low cost, simple and effective.
  • Reinvent existing branch growth and speed profitability of de novo branch placement with a plan to make customers your new owners.

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