Dave Mayo

camelsheadshotDave Mayo has been with FedFis/FinTechServ since inception back in 2000 as a principal and serves as the company’s CEO. FedFis/FinTechServ is now the leading Bank Rating Service in the U.S. Prior to FedFis/FinTechServ, he was with Thomson Financial in the Sheshunoff office in Austin Texas.

Mr. Mayo’s banking career began at EDS, as a data processing conversion specialist over 25 years ago. After leaving EDS, Dave joined Sheshunoff. Thomson Financial acquired Sheshunoff and Dave stayed on for a total of 12 years with Thomson Financial as Director of Application Sales. The broad product offering appealed both commercial banks and large financial institutions.

His Sheshunoff career led him from a financial analysis role into sales. Due to some key acquisitions that Mr. Mayo directed, that led into a product line management & product development role. Ultimately that unfolded into sales and marketing management.

FedFis/FinTechServ products facilitate custom financial analysis of the Banking Industry. Founded in 2000, FedFis/FinTechServ is developed and maintained by an executive team of innovative banking experts and technology leaders. No other firm releases the quarterly financial filings quicker than FedFis/FinTechServ.

FedFis/FinTechServ Analyst software has Full Quarterly Financial data on all U.S banks, credit unions, savings & loans, and bank holding companies. FIS Ratings are the top U.S. Bank Rating Service. All institution types are given quarterly FIS Rating ranging between 1.00 and 5.00.

With the tools provided by FedFis/FinTechServ, credit risk analysis can be customized to fit the user’s needs. Often, FedFis/FinTechServ simply automates processes already in place by the customer into the FIS Excel Add-in application. With the FedFis/FinTechServ products, users can get access to the data quickly and can create any type of reporting comparisons.

Each morning, FedFis/FinTechServ delivers all relevant financial, market, and M&A news for the Banking industry through the FedFis/FinTechServ Daily Breaking News Alert provided at no cost to the industry.

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