Firm Profile

CAMELed-deskS Consulting Group was founded Edward E. Schmidt (Ed), our President and CEO, with one mission: To support the expansion of shareholder wealth, capital placement, and address stock liquidity and the need for shareholder succession that is impacting the community bank sector.

Ed’s 35-plus years of community banking experience includes executive management positions as Director, President/CEO, CLO, CFO, and Chief Strategic Officer. He also served as a co-director of a legal firm and as Executive Vice President of a FINRA broker-dealer, both boutique national firms focused entirely on the community bank sector. Recognized for his work in providing fairness opinions and bank valuation analysis, Ed has offered expert opinions in investment banking and shareholder-related transactions.

CAMELS Consulting Group offers a comprehensive suite proprietary products and services exclusively designed to increase the shareholder value of community banks including: