Provides a complete listing of all your prospective and existing customers, and prospective investors and existing shareholders that you are working with to either secure new business relationships or expand their ownership in your institution.  Only your respective contacts appear in the ‘DASHBOARD’ screen.  DASHBOARD is the only location that provides a quick snapshot of all your accounts showing either the business relationship or investment relationships you are seeking to capture.   Don’t forget CRM which allows you to secure a quick update on a past conversation or commitment.  DASHBOARD identifies your sales pipeline.  Updates must be placed in ACTIONS which in turn appear in VIEWS to guide you in your sales efforts.

My Prospect/Customers

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This area shows you customers that have been assigned to you and customers that you have assigned to yourself from the Add Prospect/Customer section in the ‘Actions’ tab in the sites menu.

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This section shows the information for those customers that you have added into the system. This will allow for you to find information on a customer faster and easier. To view the details of a customer the arrows in the ‘My Prospect/Customer’ needs to be clicked for each individual person.

Accounts I Have

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Accounts I have are those accounts with customers that you have checked ‘Yes’ to when asked if the account has been converted or not.

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This check box is found when adding a bank product to a customer. This can be found in ‘Add Bank Product’ in the ‘Actions’ menu of the website. Which can be editing in the ‘Edit Bank Product’.

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Accounts with Competitors

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Accounts with competitors is similar to Accounts I Have except that these accounts are the ones that have not yet been converted over.

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When the converted box is not checked the customer’s name will appear here. To change the account to make the account converted you need to go into the ‘Edit Bank Product’ in the ‘Actions’ tab in the menu of the website.

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CRM, customer relationship management, takes all the information in the Dashboard and applies it in one place. Besides taking the information given, it also gives you the information on when the customers need to be followed up on, all three times, when the customer was referred.