Key Functions

[bluebutton]CAMELS BusinessLink is a customer development tool for increasing of your banks bottom-line performance.[/bluebutton]

Using the proprietary platform, your bank can effectively track prospects and customers and design your own managed call program.

CAMELS BusinessLink is designed specifically for the bank that wants a simple to use, yet powerful system, to help staff in tracking new business with prearranged sales call-back steps that allow for easy documentation of your successes.

Track Your Sales Progress and Results

CAMELS BusinessLink tracks sales progress by allowing for documentation of meetings and plans for ‘next steps’ in your calling efforts. Utilize ‘notes’ to capture all your client discussions. Refer leads, assign tasks, and secure assistance in case you need to be out of the office at any given time.

Get Up and Running Quickly

CAMELS BusinessLink is designed to help your bank advance its business development process quickly. You can start today by entering your existing prospects and customers, then see firsthand how you can track and expand your business pipeline. See how easy it is to manage your sales pipeline making your hard work more productive.

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