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Looking for a Presenter for Your Next Board Meeting or Conference?

CAMELS Consulting Group is recognized within the community bank sector for deep understanding of capital markets and planning, shareholder imperatives, strategic insights into business planning, and bank valuations.

CAMELS Consulting Group would be pleased to provide a keynote and/or meeting facilitation support to your director strategic planning retreat, annual shareholder, and advisory board meetings.

Speaker Engagements For Annual Shareholder Meetings Topics:

  • Bank performance
  • Industry perspectives from an investor viewpoint
  • Importance of shareholder ownership
  • Financial industry changes and the impact on their institution
  • Understanding dynamics of cash and stock dividends
  • What are your expectations as shareholders of a bank?
  • Messages can also be prepared to meet individual needs of the specific event or bank

Speaking Engagements for Seminars and Conferences Topics

  • Remaining independent
  • Shareholder succession
  • Raising capital through either debt or secondary/private offerings
  • Development of expansion strategies
  • Developing an ownership culture
  • The importance of developing a Stock Navigation Program.
  • Presentations can be customized to the particular needs of your conference or seminar.

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Edward E. Schmidt, Principal

CAMELS Consulting Group’s principal has been a guest speaker at industry conferences throughout his 35 year career. He served as President of the Bank Marketing Association/Western Chapter (11 states).
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