CAMELS’ Market Activity

DateEvent TypeCompany
August 2022Preparation and Approval Branch ApplicationSherwood Banc Corporation
June 2022Block Sale Analysis of Common StockBBC Bancshares, inc.
March 2022Financial Advisor/Development of Dividend StrategyBank Holding Company/Confidential
March 2022Preparation and Approval of Private Placement MemorandumSherwood Banc Corporation
February 2022Stock Valuation Analysis Post Buy Back ProgramCentral Bank Corporation
January 2022Stock Valuation Analysis/Sub-S Corporation Common StockTexas Bank
January 2022Financial Advisor/Development of Shareholder InitiativesBank Holding Company Engagement/Confidential
November 2021Strategic Planning 'Board Level'Diamond Bancshares, Inc.
November 2021Financial Advisor Dividend Re-Investment Plan (DRIP)Sherwood Bancshares, Inc.
October 2021Successful Closing of $10 Million Capital OfferingTriStar Bancshares, Inc.
September 2021Financial AdvisorBlock Sale Stock Valuation
August 2021Financial Advisor/Development of Dividend StrategyBank Holding Company Engagement/Confidential
June 2021Expanded Communication Programming Stock ValuationsCAMELS Group
May 2021Financial Advisor Stock Buy BackBank Holding Company Engagement/Confidential
April 2021Evaluate and Implement Removal of Stock Trading Symbol (OTC)Bank Holding Company, Engagement/Confidential
February 2021Published "Steps to Establish an effective Shareholder Strategy"Great Lakes Banker Magazine
January 2021Designed/Preparation of Dividend Re-Investment Program for ShareholdersTriStar Bancshares, Inc.
January 2021Financial Advisor/Preparation of Offering Circular and Capital Raise ConsultationTriStar Bancshares, Inc.
January 2021Implemented CAMELS Investor Focus Software Platform for Identifying New ShareholdersSherwood Bancshares, Inc.
December 2020 Financial Advisor/Preparation and Approval of Offering Circular-Capital Raise Consultation Richwood Bancshares, Inc.
October 2020Community Bank Sector Advisor in Development of Product StrategiesSmartVault
September 2020Designed/Prepared/Approved Dividend F&M Bancorp, Inc.
Re-Invest6ment Program
F&M Bancorp, Inc.
August 2020 Transitioned SIDRA Resource Library to new Web SiteCAMELS Group
July 2020Created Special 7 Point Resource Series on Increasing CAMELS Group
Shareholder value
July 2020CAMELS Awarded: Best Stock Valuation & Navigation Acquisition International
Program Provider-Midwest USA
Acquisition International
Program Provider-Midwest USA Worldwide Finance Awards 2020
April 2020Transitioned client Banks from StockTrack CAMELS
Shareholder Accounting Software to Alternative Sources
March 2020Expanded ESOP Stock Valuation ServicesCAMELS Group
January 2020Rolled out new website for CAMELS Consulting GroupCAMELS Group
January 2020Established Partnership with Cambridge TechnologiesCambridge Technologies
December 2019Finalized Suite of CAMELS Product Videos CAMELS Group
November 2019Preparation of Offering Circular-Financial Advisor for Capital RaiseCommodore Financial Network, Inc.
March 2019Successful completion of $8 million Capital OfferingRichwood Bancshares, Inc.
February 2019New Product Introduction: CAMELS Financial OpticsCAMELS Group
February 2019New Production Introduction: CAMELS Investor FocusCAMELS Group
August 2018Preparation of Offering Circular-Financial Advisor for Capital RaiseRichwood Bancshares, Inc.
June 2018Successful Completion of Capital Offering1st State Financial, Ltd.
April 2018Financial Advisor (Sell Side)Powhatan Point Community Bancshares, Inc.
March 2018Financial Advisor (Buy Side) Richwood Bancshares, Inc.
January 2018Acquisition Analysis-Price DeterminationConfidential Transaction
November 2017FMV Analysis for Shareholder TrustConfidential Transaction
October 2017Preparation of Offering Circular-Financial Advisor for Capital Raise1st State Financial, Ltd.
June 2017Implementation of CAMELS Dividend Re-Investment Program (DRIP)1st State Financial, Ltd.
March 2017Implementation CAMELS Stock Transfer Desk ProgramRock-Brown Bancshares, Inc.
February 2017Implementation of CAMELS Self-directed IRA ProgramThe Bank of Calhoun County
February 2017Financial Advisor/Preparation of Offering Circular-Capital Raise ConsultationRockhold-Brown Bancshares, Inc.
November 2016Implementation of CAMELS Self-directed IRA ProgramTriStar Bancshares, Inc.
October 2016Strategic Partnership Cambridge TechnologiesCAMELS Group
May 2016Introduces CAMELS Self-Directed IRA Resource Center CAMELS Group
May 2016CAMELS Addresses Union Financial Corporation 2016 Annual Shareholder Meeting CAMELS Group
March 2016Implementation of CAMELS Self-directed IRA and Dividend Re-Investment ProgramOld Mission Bancorp, Inc./Old Mission Bank
February 2016Beta Testing of CAMELS Self-Directed IRA Resource Center (Web Site)CAMELS Group
February 2016CAMELS Releases BusinessLink Version 1.2CAMELS Group
February 2016Incorporation of ‘About You’ in CAMELS BusinessLinkCAMELS Group
January 2016CAMELS Releases ShareholderLink Version 1.2CAMELS Group
December 2015Implementation of Expanded Reporting Capability/CBLCAMELS Group
November 2015Board Strategic RetreatBuckeye Bancshares, Inc.
November 2015Special Investor Reception, Founders Brewery, Grand Rapids, MIChoice One Financial Services
October 2015Financial Advisor for Formation of Bank Holding CompanyFirst National Bank of St. Ignace
October 2015CAMELS Forms Strategic Relationship with Raymond James Assisting Publicly Traded Client Banks with Market Making Support Raymond James
September 2015Implementation of CAMELS Self-Directed IRA OSB Community Bank
September 2015CBM Annual Convention, Traverse City, MICommunity Bankers Association of Michigan
August 2015Implementation of CAMELS Self-Directed IRABuckeye Bancshares, Inc.
July 2015Linking of CAMELS Computer Systems Effecting Seamless Access to Multiple Data SourcesCAMELS Group
June 2015Implementation of CAMELS Self-Directed IRADart Bank
June 2015Beta Project Initiated ‘CAMELS Financial Optics’CAMELS Group
May 2015Board of Directors Strategic RetreatFirst National Bank of St. Ignace
March 2015Product Enhancement:
CAMELS CommunityLink Replaced
with CAMELS ShareholderLink
April 2015CAMELS establishes Internship Program
with Otterbein University
Otterbein University
March 2015CAMELS Located to New Offices in
Historic Holmes Hotel
February 2015CAMELS BusinessLink Hits 500 Users CAMELS BusinessLink
September 2014Annual Convention-Company PresentationCommunity Bankers Association of Michigan
August 2014Executive Management Strategic RetreatChoice One Financial Services, Inc.
August 201440th Celebration-Annual Convention/Key Note PresentationCommunity Bankers Association of Ohio
May 2014Board of Directors Stock Navigation PresentationDiamond Bancshares, Inc.
April 2014Board of Directors Strategic RetreatMayville Financial Corporation
March 2014Member/Special Projects CommitteeSageWorks
February 2014Key Note for Annual Shareholder MeetingOSB Community Bank
January 2014Board of Directors Company Presentation Community Bankers Association of Ohio
January 2014New Product: Self-Directed IRA for holding bank common stockMarket Introduction
November 2013Strategic Board RetreatBuckeye Bancshares, Inc.
October 2013Dividend Re-Investment Program (DRIP). Financial Advisor.Dart Financial Corporation
September 2013Annual Meeting & Product PresentationCB of M
August 2013New Product: CAMELS Trading Desk for privately held banksMarket Introduction
July 2013New Product: CAMELS BusinessLinkMarket Introduction
June 2013Bank turnaround consultation and preparing capital planLiberty Savings Bank, FSB
June 2013Regional meeting (s) product presentationCBAO
June 2013Sucessful conclusion of $2M debt conversion to stock and capital offeringUnion Financial Corporation
May 2013Key Note for Annual Shareholder MeetingUnion Financial Services Inc.
April 2013Advisor Annual Shareholder MeetingChoiceOne Financial Services, Inc.
April 2013Dividend Re-Investment Program (DRIP) Financial AdvisorHonor Bancorp, Inc
Feb 2013Annual Shareholder MeetingMetamora Bank
Dec 2012FRB Approval Formation Holding CompanyShareholder Trust Bank Holding Company
Sept 201222nd Annual Accounting & Audit Update Presenter: Alignment of FMV Strategies Based on New Shareholder LimitsDixon Davis Bagent & Co.
June 2012Strategic Board RetreatHonor Bancorp, Inc.
June 2012Regional Meeting(s) Product PresentationCBAO
May 2012Key Note Annual Shareholder MeetingUnion Financial Corporation
May 2012Key Note Annual Shareholder MeetingHonor Bancorp, Inc.
March 2012Key Note Annual Shareholder MeetingDart Financial Corporation
March 2012Successful Conclusion of $3 Million Capital Raise/Financial AdvisorRichwood Bancshares, Inc.
March 2012Successful Conclusion of $1 Million Capital Raise/Financial AdvisorSherwood Banc Corporation
Jan 2012Strategic Board Retreat/Capital MarketsFirst Farmers Financial Corp.
Dec 2011Successful Conclusion of $1.5 Million Capital Raise/Financial AdvisorF&M Bancorp, Inc.
Oct 2011Multi-State Regional Meeting(s)/Presenter: Community Bank Capital Markets SeminarGreat Lakes Bankers Bank
Oct 2011CAMELS CommunityLink … “Identifying Opportunities, One Name at a Time”Product Introduction
June 2011Regional Meeting(s)/Presenter: Managing Stock Liquidity in a Privately Held BankCBAO
March 2011Formation of Bank Holding Company/Financial AdvisorFNB Bancshares, Inc.
March 2011Key Note Annual Shareholder MeetingSherwood Banc Corporation
Nov 2010Financial Advisor of $4.5 Million Capital Raise/Successfully Completed January 2011CommunityBanc, Inc.
Oct 2010Strategic Board RetreatCommunity Indep. Bancorp, Inc.
June 2010Regional Meeting(s)/Presenter: Shareholder Strategies in Support of Capital ExpansionCBAO
March 2010Director Workshop: Liquidity, Funding Capital Needs, and Survival in the Coming Years
Jan 2010Director Workshop: Maximize the Annual Shareholder Meeting