What are the differences between Product and Customer Notes?

Product Notes:

Product notes are there for the Staff member to add a note associated with each individual product. This allows for the designated staff member to have the benefit of background information on the customer’s need. Product notes stay with the specific product … in this manner if the product need is best handled by another staff member then the notes associated with that product stays with the product as it is referred to someone else to handle within the bank.

Example(s) of Product Notes:

Needs Investment Advice
Needs mortgage loan possibly a 15 yr. fixed

Customer Notes:

Customer notes are notes on the individual customer themselves. This is so individuals in the bank can go in and look to see if there is any advice for handling the customer, if the customer will be out for a while, the best way to contact the customer, if the customer is interested in multiple products, etc. Customer notes are handled by the staff member responsible for the overall relationship.

Example(s) of Customer Notes:

Tony has requested that we touch base after the holiday weekend. As he will be out of town up until then due to business travel.
Positive interest. Needs small LC to support material purchases and occasional payroll needs.
Recently sold vacation property and seeking investment opportunities. $50,000
Added Thomas as a new customer today. he is interested in a new Checking Account
Michelle is interested in some of our other products.