If Investor/Shareholder inquired about a Buying or Selling stock …. How do you handle, if you think the person may have already been placed into the CSL system.  How to change or add information and notify Referral Source while still addressing their Investor interest  … see Step II. (If Investor/Shareholder is not in system (stop) go directly to Add Investor)

Step I: Verify if Investor/Shareholder is already in the system.

Scroll down to Records menu left side of page click on “Shareholders” find customer (alphabetical) and see who Referred Account.

Step II:  Determine Option I or Option II

  • After identifying if Investor/Shareholder is in system and who Referred, you have two options in which to enter the Investor that you identified.

Option I:

  • Contact Referral Source directly and have them enter the Investor’s interest and assign the Lead to you.

Option II:

  • Perform a “Create Investor Contact” (populate card and save)
  • Perform an “Edit Investor Contact” … update needed data fields, look up in the provided ‘directory’ the identified Referral Source and insert into the Initially Referred By data box.
    • Select your Name in the ‘Lead Assigned To’ from the provided ‘directory’
    • Save “Add Investor/Shareholder” investor data card


  • Referral Source unchanged
  • Lead Assigned to you
  • Lead Appears in “Views/Assigned Leads
  • Investor placed in “Records/Shareholder”
  • You can send an “Alert me” … letting Referral Source know you are working on an Investors