CAMELS Consulting Group is pleased to announce the launch of its proprietary Self-Directed IRA Resource Center, an online, subscription-based platform that provides community banks with a comprehensive toolkit for implementing, managing and marketing a self-directed IRA program. This proprietary platform provides community banks with a turnkey self-directed IRA solution for increasing stock liquidity and attracting new investors.

The CAMELS Self-Directed IRA Resource Center provides community banks with a simple, proven solution for increasing stock liquidity and existing and prospective shareholder interest through the implementation of a self-directed IRA program. The CAMELS Self-Directed IRA Resource Center was designed by CAMELS President and CEO, Edward E. Schmidt, who has helped hundreds of community banks institute self-directed IRA programs.

Schmidt noted, “Community banks can realize significant shareholder and investor benefits by matching long-term investment dollars associated with Individual Retirement Accounts and targeting those dollars for the purchase of community bank holding company/bank stock. The CAMELS Self-Directed IRA Resource Center takes the guesswork out of leveraging this opportunity by offering subscribing banks a proven, step-by-step process and comprehensive resources for implementing, managing and marketing a self-directed IRA program.”
CAMELS’ Self-Directed IRA Resource Center is a subscription-based online platform which includes access to step-by-step guidance for program implementation; an extensive library of IT, operation compliance, marketing and transactional resources; and an interactive online community of peer banks and CAMELS’ experts through which to gain real-time feedback, have questions answered and receive ongoing support.

CAMELS Self-Directed IRA Resource Center offers a complete toolbox that guides banks from set-up through implementation and beyond, utilizing the bank’s system (when feasible) for building out a complete operational self-directed IRA platform.
Each CAMELS Self-Directed Resource Center subscription includes an unlimited number of users at each bank offering many benefits:

• Full access to all tools and learning opportunities within CAMELS Self-Directed IRA Resource Center.

• A proprietary, proven, step-by-step system enables banks to create and maintain a successful self-directed IRA program that is easily integrated into existing product offerings.

• Detailed information and guidance in regard to the operational structure needed to accommodate privately held community bank stock in an IRA.

• CAMELS’ exclusive library of resources details exactly what you need to build, grow, and monitor your self-directed IRA program, including IT, operational, compliance, marketing and transactional procedures ensuring easy management and customer acceptance.

• Access to a web-based members-only community of bank users where experiences and resources can be exchanged, questions/answers can be posted and online forums moderated by CAMELS’ principal Edward E. Schmidt in addition to key contributors from the legal, IT, accounting and regulatory areas.

“CAMELS is excited to launch our Self-Directed IRA Resource Center which gives banks everything they need to take action and address their issues of stock liquidity and aging shareholder bases by implementing a self-directed IRA,” said Schmidt. “Subscribing banks will benefit not only from having detailed guidance and a proven step-by-step process to get their self-directed IRA program up and running quickly, but they’ll also have interactive access to peer banks and the 30 years of expertise that CAMELS offers to support them every step of the way as their program grows and becomes successful.”

Online tours of CAMELS Self-Directed IRA Resource Center are available by email request to Edward Schmidt: