How to create an ALERT notifying of a change to an Investor/Shareholder.  (Procedure allows anyone with system access to notify “Lead Assigned To” or “Referred By” responsible party of a change or “note added” to an Investor/Shareholder.)

Creating an Alert:

  • If you want to make a comment/change to a Contact that is not directly assigned to you go to RECORDS/CRM page.
  • If you are making a comment/change to a Contact other than yours and want to inform the person managing the “Lead Assigned To” or “Referred By” … you must first Alert them prior to the comment/change.
  • Creating an ALERT … 
    • First go to RECORDS … CRM (Select specific Contact then right click on the three dots/last item in the row, as shown)
  • Then click on “Alert Me” when screen appears:


  • Place change reference and/or customer name  in Alert Title box:


  •   Change Out “Users” name and type in Desired Name to whom the Alert is to go to:


  • Scroll to top or bottom of Alert card and click OK
  • When you click ‘OK’ an automatic email will then go to the User designated
  • The email Alert will reference that a change has been made that the ‘Assigned To’ needs to know about.
    • (If you changed who is now responsible for the contact ‘Lead Assigned To’ that Contact will now appear in their Leads Assigned under Views.)
  • Where can changes to investor/shareholder be made
    • Making a change within any Heading: Call Dates, Lead Assigned, Notes, etc.)
  • Other areas where “Alerts” capability to investor/shareholder can be made
    • ALERT Function capability can be found in the following categories:
      • ACTIONS
        • Edit Investor/Shareholder
        • Edit Investor/Shareholder Note
        • Edit Investor/Shareholder
        • Edit Shareholder Note
      • RECORDS
        • CRM
    • Find the Contact (listed alphabetically) and click on the cell that has the information you want to change (All cells have ‘filters’  make your selection
    • Go back to the top of the page and click on STOP EDITING