How to quickly understand the navigation of CSL?  Where can I get ‘how to’ information from within CSL?

Navigation of CSL:

  • Once you log-in to CSL your home page offers complete navigation information.
  • Understanding Home Page Navigation/Top Page Menu Bar:
    • Your Home Page offers many access points to secure specific usage information and opens the many program levels in which to enter and manage your contact information.
    • Your banks logo (upper left of your page) is your access point to return to your home page/just click.
    • In the top page menu bar you will see ShareholderLink Instructions … go there for a quick read of site structure points and definitions specific to the Menu on the left hand side of the page.
    • In the top page menu bar you will see Dashboard … go there to immediately see key action areas for the summary and next steps in managing your contact.
  • Understanding Home Page Navigation/Menu Directory Left Side of Page:
    • The Directory is divided into four areas to navigate you through the process of contact management (Views, Actions, Reports, and Records)
    • Click on any of the identified headings for description on actions specific to each sub-heading.
  • Understanding Home Page Navigation/Bottom Right of Page see/click on descriptions providing additional access points for site navigation
  • Home page Pictures (Tiles) offer a quick navigation to specific areas within CSL.
    • Try clicking on a tile and see where you will be taken … once testing the pathway offered by each tile, you will find it another way to navigate CSL.