CBL is an new prospect/customer business development tool that increases usage of services within your bank, documents and expands banking relationships, establishes an automatic calling program, drives greater organic growth, provides an email reminder system, and provides direct communication link throughout the bank between all contact staff.

Tell me more:

  • CBL guides you through the process of identifying and capturing new relationships and expanding existing customer usage of banking services.  That’s why our tag line states “Expanding Relationships for Greater Profitability”
  • CBL builds stronger banking relationship by establishing a consistent pro-active calling program
  • CBL identifies local business opportunities … important for the continued growth of your bank

What are the benefits?

(You are an important contributor in keeping your bank Independent)

  • Expand product usage and awareness by existing customers
  • Easily plan your next sales call
  • Identify/Track service issues
  • Offers Reports for the management of the prospective and/or existing customer (quickly see the sales efforts associated with all bank staff)
  • Increase loan production
  • Ability to work as a Team where everyone can share responsibility in the management of banking relationships
  • Management of your individual Tasks or Assign Tasks for completion
  • Provide sales leads to others within your bank
  • And more!

What are some of the Reports available?

  • Sales Activity Reports
  • New Customer Reports
  • Referral Reports
  • Service Issue Reports