CSL is a new investor/shareholder identification and management tool that increases the liquidity of your company’s stock, re-invents your shareholder base, supports capital offerings, drives greater organic growth, provides an internal trade desk, and provides direct communication link for increased investor relations.

Tell me more:

  • CSL guides you through the process of identifying and capturing new investors many of which will come directly from your customer base.  That’s why our tag line states “Identifying Investors, One Name at a Time”
  • CSL builds stronger banking relationship by turning customers into shareholders
  • CSL identifies local investors … important for the continuity of your bank

What are the benefits?

(You are an important contributor in keeping your bank Independent)

  • Prepare for large block transactions (sell-off of a large stock position)
  • Provides an internal trading desk for the exchange of shares
  • Re-invent branch growth or support penetration into new markets
  • Offers Reports for the management of the shareholder (new investors and the buying and selling of stock)
  • Designed for both the privately held bank and the publicly traded